Saturday, August 20, 2011

Fine 4 parking.

It happened today and still cant get over it....what hit me and i still remained cool and calm.Surprise surprise!!.It's my regular duty to pick up my second son every evening..sometimes at 4.30 and occasionally at 7.15 as it was today.As I approached my parental home situated on Monkey stand new road I saw that a car was parked right across my gate but on the opposite side of the narrow road,occupying almost a third of the breadth of the road.I was in 2 minds whether to park at the gate or not.Fully aware that i was not at fault and that it takes just a minute or two for me to get my son and drive off I decided to park well within,my father had the insight to make the gate at least 2mtrs inside the actual boundary wall line,i used this space to the maximum.As i got out of the car i assessed that there was enough space for big cars and LCVs to pass.I went in and found guests in my ancestral home and enquired if they had parked across the road,the answer was negative.My mother who was waving good bye to my son told that it was the visitors at the neighbor's who had parked that car.Wondering why someone would park across our gate and not theirs, i was pissed off at their stupidity or arrogance , that's when i heard a jeep honk and someone waving at me,I noticed it was a traffic police jeep as i ran towards the gate to make way i heard the constable say that the SI wants to speak to me.Yes Sir I said as i peeped into the dingy interiors of the jeep and heard a feminine voice ,'Yes madam i am just leaving......She interrupted me to ask if common sense had betrayed me to have double parked.I tried to explain that it was the other car that was occupying the road and my car was well within the space left for parking.No way would she listen.I tried to tell her that it was just for a few seconds and i was about to leave,but it was on deaf ears.Produce your documents she said,causing more inconvenience to vehicles behind.By that time the constables had traced the owner of the other vehicle and sheepishly she came,well aware of what a problem she had created.As my papers were in order the SI said that i will have to pay spot fine,i did with pleasure rather than be part of a tamasha in front of my house where i grew up.I could see my mother ,brother and my cousin all pump their hands in air trying to tell me that injustice was done.I didn't bother to look back if that driver of the other car who had actually violated traffic rules would be fined or not and drove off with my son who was joyfully unaware of all the drama.As i drove i had a amazing heart was not thumping,I was cool and never felt agitated.In situations like these normally i loose my cool very fast but here i was cool as a cucumber with the fine receipt in hand not even cursing the actual law breaker,in my 20 years of driving ,never have i violated traffic rules nor have i been booked and here i was  paying fine for no fault of mine .They say hunger makes a man angry but was i hungry...the last drop of water and a morsel of food i had was before 7 AM as i have been doing for the past 20 days and the next glass of liquid and bite of meal was due past 7.30 PM.I was not hungry or  had i forgotten to recognize it,thinking about the millions who go to bed starving ....reached home to tell my wife about the incidence.The reaction was on expected lines ...abuse of the system,cursing of the law and 'why did you pay the fine'look.I just smiled and asked her if my dinner was ready.Yes i am fasting from dawn to dusk from the beginning of this not pulling a 'fast' one.Will blog about it soon.

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