Tuesday, October 5, 2010

'con'man wealth games

a lot of h2o has gushed down the yamuna after d expose on CWG,lot of thats yours thats 'mine' has happened in kannada nadu,minister katta's son has kept his fathers name high even as yeddi with no chaddi is fiddling as he burns his finger in the flames of revenge thrown by his frens n foes,so there goes the saffron first govt in downtown vindhyas.As Conman no 1 was booed and shooed away by delhites aussies mooed in a tunnel which made original cattle class traveller is having an extended HM.But the wave of the HAND by our lady prez as she declared LET THE GAMES BEGIN also declares how 'Con'man wealth games shud be treated by the slight of the hand,wiped off,brushed away.So wy the hell are we making a mountain of a mole hill,we hav been playing the CWG all along with records being broken by the hr.long live CONMAN WEALTH GAMES  by the indians,for the indians,to the indians.

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