Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Kalmadi's Speech at Closing ceremony.Leaked.

Dear sports loving people of India I have been asked not to address any dignitories by name as i am poor at names however there are some names i would like to mention like Madam Saina mmm sorry its Soniaji,see i got carried away by our popular sportspersons, Madam Sheila 'dick' err i mean 'shit'sorry DIKSHIT ji, When you booed during the opening ceremony the media mistook it to be directed towards me but after 10days of sporting action i have proved them wrong,if I had not messed up the preparations for the games would we have got all worlds attention, now even the non common wealth countries know about India's prowess in sports.Go on keep the booing going,let them here it.I have been accused of siphoning off the funds for the games but i'll tell you as i am originally from udupi,in kannada 'Kaali Maadi' means 'To clean' up and my surname is not derived from that phrase but i have lived up to it look how clean the game venues and villages are.I have not taken even a Rupee, yes I have loads & loads of Toilet paper printed like Dollar,Pounds and Euro currencies,I am an ardent collector of TPs and this has been reported by the media as illegally stashed cash.My officials say that more than 10 lac tickets were sold but Fennel says the number of spectators are poor ,naturally how can I explain to him that people have bought the tickets not for seeing the sports action but for collection as they dont know when we will get an opportunity to host any event in future,though i can assure you all that if called for I am ready with contigency plans for bribing ...i mean sponsoring training programs to countries that will support India for hosting olympics,its all in National interest and not personal gains. I thank all of you for making ConMan Wealth Games a success,thank you for booing at media,Delhi CM and offcourse Mani shankar aiyyar who is giving company to Princess Diana,hope he stays there.All of you raise and boo with me.BOOOOO.

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