Sunday, November 7, 2010


The GOI thinks Obama's visit as a grand success but me thinks it was jinxed from the word GO.Firstly he made this trip durin Diwali,making it impossible for him and his security to differentiate between a cracker burst and a bomb so the entourage goes back with an impression that India is more riskier than Pakistan in the sense that bombs go off every now & then all over the place,no wonder his comments on Pakistan was no BALM on our Injured pride.The Men in black who protect him were wary of a secret tunnel from the Taj Hotel which leads to the sea(this bit of news they got from Headley) and so put him up there so that he could see those boats which come from across and slip throug the tunnel but they found out too late about its non existence.The suspected secret tunnel was just a large drain which dumped all the 5* shit into the sea in the good ol'days.Next he went to Gandhi museum before paying respect to MKG in Delhi,thats insulting,like freaking out in a party and greeting the host at the end.He did well not to mention the 'K' word but then he mentioned the 'P' word in such soft,melodious tone that it was like showing a red rag to a crazy bull or rather a lazy elephant in musth.It was all to see in the news channels.Finally the most telling bungling by his travel agents ,he revered Hanuman so our side suggested a Hanuman temple on his itinerary and the white house officials mistook it for Humayun's tomb on google earth!That dint please any of our Hanuman bakths especially after Ram had got the HC to clear 1/3rd of the encroachers on his property.So you see Obama's India trip was jinxed from the beginning.And finally an advise to all visiting HOSs please give opportunity to our media to ask questions like How was the Hotel?How do you like Indians?How do you like Indian food?Atleast that will divert their attention from Pakistan.Keep India a notch above Pakistan,only then you can call your trip as a defining moment in history .Mr President you have made our netas go OOH-AAH-OUCH now you need to get O-BALM-AAH .

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